Environmental degradation and climate change are an existential threat to the World.  Being till the last 2 years mostly in political documents and speeches, nowadays these 2 topics become the centre of political life. To overcome these challenges the European Commission has set up so called European Green Deal to transform the EU into a modern, resource-efficient and competitive economy.

Climate neutrality by 2050 is the main goal of the European Green Deal. For the European Union to reach the target of climate neutrality,  central objective is to decarbonise its energy system, transport and agricultural sectors by achieving “net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.”

These ambitious goals could be achieved only in strong partnership & collaboration between all involved stakeholders: authorities at all levels, workers, citizens, business, academia, science and education, NGOs…

The event is joining efforts and building on last year’s:

-          New Energy Mix – Social Policy dialogue, part of DeCarb Interreg Europe Project,

-          4th Forum of Mayors, organized by WWF in Poland, and

The first edition’s Social Policy Dialogue: New Energy Mix event was a success reaching over 20 000 people on Facebook but only kick-started this important dialogue and a logical continuation of the dialogue will be held this year.

4th Forum of Mayors  has deepen the cooperation between coal regions with 60 mayors from different Europe coal regions in transition, who signed the Europe coal regions in transition, will meet and discuss what comes next.

This forum is a practical example of how collaboration between several projects can provide more synergy, better results and impact.

Holding all 3 of these public dialogue events is a crucial part of the transition to a net zero economy in the region, giving space to different perspectives and opinions.

In the last few months, manipulative talk on the topic and distortion of information has returned.

We are convinced that the resources of Maritsa East Mines can be the engine for the development of the region as a base for innovation and new industries

This is why in the 3rd edition of the forum, we are focusing on young people, whose future - the one in which they will live and work - we are currently discussing.

And this is why this year we are joining efforts with WWF Bulgaria and Junior Achievement Bulgaria and their project Promoting Just Transition in Bulgaria, Serbia, North Macedonia and Montenegro by engaging young people in green entrepreneurship.

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