Pirita IhamäkiOpen Platform Entrepreneurship Education for Future Work

Ms. Pirita Ihamäki holds Doctor of Philosophy and Master of Science in Economics degrees. She is currently working as a Liaison Manager at Prizztech Ltd. and is leading a project called "Open Platform Entrepreneurship Education for Future Work" that aims to plan and build a digital platform that supports work–life balance and collaboration between educational institutions, universities, companies, and international ecosystems as well as to gamify entrepreneurship education concepts. She belongs to the Robocoast EDIH (European Digital Innovation Hub) consortium, where she leads the Innovation Ecosystem and Networking service and manages international relationships. Ihamäki’s aim is to boost Europe’s innovation capacity, digital competitiveness, and green growth together with strong European Digital Innovation Hub networks.

Her aim is to improve innovation ecosystem and networking services for small and medium companies in Finland and across Europe. She is also a leader in the Gamecoast Network, which has around 55 members representing different levels of education professionals, ecosystems of internationalization, and small and medium companies in the fields of gamification, media, creativity, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and virtual reality. Ihamäki is a researcher focusing on gamification and service design, including the Internet of Toys and robot toys, and is interested in research innovation in building ecosystems. As innovations in services develop, there is an increasing need for research into not only emerging practices and developments but also the methods that enable, support, and promote such unfolding changes. Finally, as a counterbalance to ecosystem building, my research takes me to use open innovation theory to develop the EDIH ecosystem and digital transformation process for companies.

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