Stara Zagora Regional Economic Development Agency

Stara Zagora is known abroad as the home of Mini Maritsa East Energy Complex includes one of the most modern, one state-own and less effective, and on of most polluted TPPs.  In Bulgaria the region is known as the “Energy Heart” of the country, one of the most developed from the GDP and salaries level point of view. The Energy Complex was the main driver of the regional prosperity. At least till these days.

The main question is if the Green Deal and Fit 55 goals and requirements mean the END of the prosperity? This is among the most heard apocalyptic narrative in the region. It could be expected given the mindest is strongly influenced by the experience of the past: several failed reforms in other economic sectors in the country; the post-socialist transition as a whole; the stable foundation for prosperity given till the moment by the Energy Complex.

But the transformed Mini Maritsa East Energy Complex to continue to be a leading driver of the regional economy is a Mission Possible. More – on the Forum!