Europe Direct Stara Zagora

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Discussion on "Ensuring a fair and inclusive transition"

Europe Direct Stara Zagora will join a public dialogue directly related to Ensuring a fair and inclusive transition. The results of the Conference on the Future of Europe and the priorities of the European Commission for 2021 will be presented during the event. Emphasis will be placed on the European Green Deal, as the development of the topic is of great social and economic importance for the Region of Stara Zagora.

The event is organized in the form of a dialogue with the participation of citizens and various stakeholders to share their views on important issues on the EU agenda for the region. The topic of climate change and the environment is the second most important, according to EU citizens registered on the platform for the Conference on the Future of Europe. One of the three priority categories is related to ensuring a fair and inclusive transition. This will be at the heart of the discussion that Europe Direct Stara Zagora is organising on September the 29th.