The mineral baths of Stara Zagora

The mineral baths of Stara Zagora combine the benefits of relaxation in the mountains and the therapeutic effects of mineral water.

It is believed that in Antiquity the location was a popular place to visit due to the healing properties of the water. It springs from a 1 600 m depth and has a 40 °C temperature. The water is very beneficial for a multitude of illnesses among which are locomotive, nervous, gynecological and urological problems, illnesses of the stomach, liver and gallbladder.

The baths are located in a beautiful picturesque region in close proximity to multiple landmarks. The place called Virgin Mary's step (Bogorodichna stapka) stands out. It is considered a holy place and represents a rock formation resembling a female footprint. According to the legend, the footprint belongs to Virgin Mary herself.

A Prehistoric mound has been discovered not too far away from the Baths. Six kilometers away are located the oldest copper mines in Europe. The eleven mines, which have been researched, were the source of a large amount of copper. The thermal baths dating from Roman times have been partially restored after their discovery. They take up more than 2 500 square meters and are located in close proximity to the current baths.

The region offers a multitude of opportunities for walks following eco-routes.

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